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Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI)

The Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI) is a specialist statewide program that is administered through NMHS Mental Health in Western Australia.

The clinical service provided by CCI is based on current evidence-supported practice and aims to best meet the needs of our clients. As a public mental health service, our services are free of charge.

CCI is a specialist public mental health service that:

  1. Develops and provides psychological treatments for adults suffering from complex eating, anxiety, depressive and bipolar disorders.
  2. Conducts clinically applied research.
  3. Provides training and supervision for mental health practitioners in evidence-based psychological treatments.
  4. Develops and publishes resources for consumers and mental health practitioners to address a range of common psychological problems, many of which are freely available through the website address below.

For more information about CCI, please visit

Service Locality Guide

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Centre for Clinical Interventions
223 James Street
Northbridge 6003
Phone: (08) 9227 4399

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